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NAVRATNA - The nine Jewels

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In the year 1988, nine young boys graduated in Chemistry at the MS University of Baroda. Out of these, some went ahead with postgraduation while some decided to call it a day and work.

Decades have passed and all those nine boys, now responsible men are scattered around the globe, each doing his part for the advancement of the society at large.

This web site primarily focuses on those nine men. The nine jewels of Baroda. or in hindi: The NAVRATNA

We are the NAVRATNA. THE NINE OF US. And this is our web page

The nine ratnas are:
1: Rajendra Patel, Executive, IBM, US
2: Salim, Marketing Executive, Novino, India
3: Bosco Rajan, Scientist, India
4: Chandrakant Patel, Immigration Consultant, Canada
5: Javed Sujela, Executive, eBAY, US
6: Nishith Bhatt, Reader in Business Management, India
7: Nitin Patel, Reader in Chemistry, India
8: Sudhir Sakhare, Businessman, India
9: Sunil Rao, Civil Consultant, India

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